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Incident investigation training

The challenge to any accident investigator is to report the findings in a well-thought-out manner to ensure management will ultimately adopt recommendations for improving its safety management system, thus solving problems long-term. It's a common struggle trying to overcome long-held perceptions about safety and how accidents occur.

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Incident investigation learning starts here

Our incident investigation training modules cover a variety of topics — such as data gathering, and various methods for investigation — that not only strengthen the investigation process and capability but equip them to identify the root cause where team members are confident with their abilities and enthusiasm to contribute.  

Our investigation training courses will help you:

Build strong data-driven analysis 

Recommendation based on HOC 

Develop a learning case based on facts  

Identify root causes based on CLC method  

Our Approach

The incident investigation Program is designed around three core pillars that are proven to drive sustained personal and organizational performance:


Build the ability in yourself and your team to persevere and thrive when faced with complex challenges. Understand about data driven analysis to find the root cause to the problem. 

Evidence Based

Immerse in decision making and how it impact workplace safety and the organization. Expand your understanding of how data analytics can be leveraged for identifying the root cause.


Explore how to develop a recommendation for the identified root cause for its non-occurance based on various data-driven model. Effective report presentation which guides the team for its implementation. 

Why does the investigation fail?

Failing to point out human failings that contributed to an incident will not only downgrade the quality of the investigation, it will also allow future incidents to happen from similar causes because they have not been addressed. However, never make recommendations about disciplining anyone who may be at fault.

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