Action organisation can take to improve safety performance
5 areas which can impact organisation safety performance

Knowing about the five sources which can impact performance is a great start, but the real magic occurs when organisation embibe them in working style.

Research shows that when employee view their work as meaningful, their performance impacts productivity in a significant way. Previously, we proposed a strategy that leaders can use to create meaningful work: making the connection to and highlighting the impact their work has on safety, productivity, the team, and individuals’ personal success—otherwise known as the purpose driven organisation.

Knowing about the five sources which can impact performance is a great start, but the real magic occurs when organisation embibe them in working style. To do this leaders must communicate and integrating the five sources in improving the safety performance:

Communication is an important key to success in any organisation. Leaders need not only to communicate effectively but also make a positive impression on others and build great working relationships face-to-face and at a distance. All too often communication breaks down and this can lead to misunderstandings, missed deadlines, stress and workplace conflict.

The word IMPACT seems perfect, as the word means to have an effect or influence on someone, which is exactly leaders should aim while communicating to improve safe behaviour.

There’s no shortage of inspiration on how companies can put the five sources which can have impact on performance. Organisation need to find creative ways to identify safety contribution of each individual which can impact the organisation safety performance.

1. Impact on enterprise risk

How big or small, each safety contribution done by the individual impact the enterprise risk level, linking contribution to risk level should be done by the organisation

Every individual should receive an email on how his work has impacted the risk level on the organisational level.

2. Impact on safety culture

Safety culture is defined as what an organisation do on day to day basis. To ensure workplace are safe, individual contribution towards safety should be linked to safety culture in the organisation.   

Company can use data driven safety application to know the impact on safety culture.

3. Impact on production

Production and safety are related to each other and research indicated that as safety performance increases production also increases.

Positive contribution by individual towards safety can improve productivity.Organisation should link productivity to safety contribution to improve safety performance.

4. Impact on team

Organisation must host an event to thank every safety contributors as this will create a positive impact on others making them the next contributors. 

Appreciation can be done on various forum, like meeting, an personal thanks email or during morning round.

5. Impact on personal success

Organisation should link safety contribution of each individual to personal and professional goals and then structure the work to help them achieve. 

Impact of every safety contribution by individual work is a critical driver of organisation safety performance, but there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. By embedding the five sources of impact for improving the safety performance, leaders can help create more meaningful work for each team member while also improving safety performance and organisation growth.

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